The Greatest, The Wisest, and The Stongest
by Dr. Johnny O. Trail, LMFT

The Greatest, The Wisest, and The Strongest

By:  Johnny O. Trail

            One of the greatest kings to ever rule over the nation of Israel was King David.  Jews during the time of Jesus were looking for a Messiah figure likened unto king David (Marks 11.10).  He was described as a man after God’s own heart.  Acts 13.22 says, “And when he had removed him, he raised up unto them David to be their king; to whom also he gave testimony, and said, I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfil all my will.”

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In the Midst of Suffering
by Dr. Johnny O. Trail, LMFT
They had just placed membership, but were very infrequent at church. I wondered what the situation was with this family that had just moved into the community. full story
Leave the Trash Behind
by Dr. Johnny O. Trail, LMFT
I have a manner of packing after a vacation that I suppose is like the method many other people use. When I leave to return home from vacation, I have one goal in mind—getting home. To that end, I am not always discriminating in the manner of packing up that I engage in to go home. full story
Lucy and Other Proto-Humans
by Dr. Johnny O. Trail, LMFT
My eleven year old son started the sixth grade last week. His mother and I always make it a point to speak with him about the events of his school day. In less than a fortnight, his ancient history class had already started talking about proto-humans. full story
The Impossibility of Evolution
by Dr. Johnny O. Trail, LMFT
Have you ever considered what it would take for a single celled organism to grow into a multiple cell creature? More specifically, what would it take for a single celled organism to grow into a human being? In addition to contradicting several laws of biology, it would take an extraordinary set of events for a microscopic creature to evolve into a more complex being. full story
False Assumptions of Transgenderism
by Dr. Johnny O. Trail, LMFT
Proponents of transgenderism and many from the LGBTQ+ community have been arguing for some time that gender is more fluid in nature than previously believed. full story
Only One Verified
by Dr. Johnny O. Trail, LMFT
As a consumer, I have used credit for various purchases for over twenty-five years. There is always an application to fill out for obtaining credit from various sources. These applications almost always ask about employment and request the phone number of the employer. full story
He Was Not Mentioned but He Was There
by Dr. Johnny O. Trail, LMFT
Esther is a small book found in the Old Testament that many have read throughout the millennia. It is interesting to note that the word for “God” is not found in this ten chapter book of the Old Testament. full story
There Should Not Be Several
by Dr. Johnny O. Trail, LMFT
After a lengthy discussion over divorce and remarriage, the couple we were studying with determined that they would examine “other teachings” on the topic. They were not pleased with the answer that was given to them.  full story
Unrestrained Children
by Dr. Johnny O. Trail, LMFT
The sons of Eli were wicked men. While it is true that one does not bear the iniquities of another person (Ezekiel 18.20), parents have an impact on the type of people their children turn out to be. One of the issues that caused Eli’s sons to turn out the way they did was an apparent lack of discipline.  full story