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Our vision is to bring others to Christ by Studying His Word and applying it to our lives.

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»   Sunday a.m. worship 7/7/19

True Religion: Principles of a "Tested" Faith.

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Bro. Johnny Trail

»   @WNS_Brandon Ken Griffy Jr.

»   Sunday a.m. worship 6/30/19

Marijuana and Othe Drug

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Bro. Johnny Trail

»   Sunday p.m. lesson 6/23/18

1 Corinthians 2

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Bro. Johnny Trail

»   Sunday 6/26/19 a.m. lesson


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Bro. Johnny Trail

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September 02, 2018
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Christian Participitation in Government

Christian Participation in Government

By:  Johnny O. Trail

            Should the child of God become involved in politics?  To hear some people talk on social media, it seems that one is committing a sin to complain about anything political or to differ from what any person in politics offers as public policy and law.  It is almost as if they believe that we should follow our leaders like mindless sheep down any path that is put forward regardless of how immoral or wrong their policy might be.  Such considerations should not be determined along party lines.  What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong regardless of political affiliation.

Heteronormativity: Re-Writing What is “Normal”
The World and His Church
February 4, 2020
One method of changing a culture to accept a sinful way of life is to redefine what is “normal.”  Most people were raised to believe in decades past that heterosexual relationships were the accepted standard of most societies. [READ MORE]
Rough Road Ahead
The World and His Church
February 4, 2020

          On I-24 going toward Clarksville between exits twenty-four and nineteen, there was an electric road sign that read “Rough Road Ahead.”  This stretch of highway has been problematic for years.  It continually washes out and needs constant patches and repairs.  Suffice to say it is a very rough road—our vehicle’s suspension and tires can attest to that fact.

Stop Fornicating!
The World and His Church
October 9, 2019
            People tend to deal with the consequences and ignore the causes.  This is true in many situations that people face.  If we would avoid sin, there would be no adverse, life-changing decisions involved.  Husbands would not be contemplating divorce if they remained faithful to their wives.  The majority of women would not be seeking an abortion if the refrained from sexual activity until marriage.  People in our nation would not be spending millions of dollars in tax payer’s money to find a cure for AIDS.  Families would not be ripped apart by the consequences of rampant promiscuous behaviors.  What is the answer to all of these problems? Stop Fornicating! [READ MORE]