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We at Hillcrest Church of Christ strive to study God's Word in Spirit and in Truth.

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Our vision is to bring others to Christ by Studying His Word and applying it to our lives.

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September 02, 2018
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Christian Participitation in Government

Christian Participation in Government

By:  Johnny O. Trail

            Should the child of God become involved in politics?  To hear some people talk on social media, it seems that one is committing a sin to complain about anything political or to differ from what any person in politics offers as public policy and law.  It is almost as if they believe that we should follow our leaders like mindless sheep down any path that is put forward regardless of how immoral or wrong their policy might be.  Such considerations should not be determined along party lines.  What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong regardless of political affiliation.

One Less Day
The World and His Church
April 2, 2020
            The return drive home after Wednesday evening services are typically uneventful.  Recently, one Wednesday was vastly different than what I typically experience on my commute from mid-week Bible study.  The tragic experience I came upon made me ponder a few things of spiritual importance. [READ MORE]
An Overabundance of Caution
The World and His Church
April 2, 2020

            Unless you are a hermit living in the darkest recess of a cave, you have heard about the COVID-19 virus (aka Coronavirus).  Several universities, schools, churches, and business have shut down or taken steps to mitigate the potential severity of the virus.  One phrase that I have heard repeatedly is that various institutions are exercising “an overabundance of caution” to make sure that people are protected from this virus.

Something Unexpected
The World and His Church
April 2, 2020

          Recently there was rather eventful day for my family.  My oldest son had been complaining with abdominal pain on Sunday, so we determined that he needed to have a visit with the pediatrician on Monday.  After a visit with the pediatrician and a blood test, it was determined that he needed to visit the emergency room at Vanderbilt for a potential appendix issue.  After an ultra sound, a physical examination, and a cat scan, it was determined that his appendix needed to be removed.