Josh Baker
Deacon - Special Events
Deacon overseeing special events (Friends & Family Day, Gospel meeting meals, teacher dinners, men's / ladies' dinners, new members dinner, widows / widowers' dinners
Keith Carver
Deacon - Local Outreach
Deacon overseeing community events, local outreach, deaf ministry & jail ministry
Jarred Cummings
Deacon - Preschool & Elementary education
Deacon overseeing teachers and materials for preschool / elementary education and activities
Jonathan Dedmon
Deacon - Women's & Men's programs
Deacon overseeing programs for women (SIS program, Ladies class, mother/daughter events - men's fellowship events, retreats & father/son projects
Glen Doss
Deacon - Internet, Sound & Media Technologies
Deacon overseeing the church's internet and media / sound system technologies.
Charles Herndon
Deacon - Email communication / Shut-Ins
Deacon over email communication and those to serve helping shut-ins
David Murray
Deacon - Group attendance and card ministry
Deacon over Card Ministry, visitation, & hospitality
Wade Nicks
Deacon - Calendar - Building
Deacon overseeing calendar of events and use of building
Tim Overstreet
Deacon - Security & Youth Activities
Deacon overseeing security and assisting in various youth activities (Bible Bowl and Challenge Youth Conference)
Tim Reagan
Deacon - Website & Social Media Technology
Deacon overseeing the church's website and social media.
James Slate
Deacon - Youth Activities
Deacon overseeing Youth activities (Summer camp, Bible Bowl, Challenge Youth Conference)
Jeremy Slate
Deacon - Widows & Widowers
Deacon overseeing needs for widows & widowers
Joe Slate
Deacon - Building & Grounds
Deacon overseeing maintenance of building and all grounds
Cory Toothman
Deacon over Transportation
Deacon set over coordinating the use of the church bus fleet.
Gary Toothman
Deacon - Benevolence
Deacon overseeing member's needs, food pantry, food drive & coat drive