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»   2/12/23 Sunday Morning Worship “Do Not Lose Heart” {view link} via @YouTube

»   12/04/22 Sunday Morning Worship The Feeding of the Four Thousand {view link} via @YouTube

»   {view link}

»   10/30/22 Sunday Morning Worship “Where Are You?” {view link} via @YouTube

»   10/16/22 Area Wide Devo Sunday Evening Service {view link} via @YouTube

»   9/11/2022- Sunday Morning Worship; "The Death Of John The Baptist" {view link} via @YouTube

»   “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”
Matthew… {view link}

»   9/4/2022- Sunday Evening Worship; "In The Place Of God" {view link} via @YouTube

»   9/4/2022- Sunday Morning Worship; "Triviality In Religion" {view link} via @YouTube

»   8/21/22 Sunday Night Worship Story of Redemption {view link} via @YouTube

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